Why Exhibit

Advantages of Exhibiting at EGY STITCH & TEX

For most entrepreneurs, trade fairs have become the true difference between success and failure, and a vehicle to expanding from local markets into the burgeoning new markets that have emerged in many parts of the world; just like Egypt and Africa.

Some of the benefits and rewards the exhibitors can gain from EGY STITCH & TEX, among many others, are:

• Tracking the latest trends and ensure that strategic planning is on-on the right path.
• Staying ahead of competitors.
• Gaining inspiration and ideas through interacting with major industry players, disruptors and visionaries.
• Driving value into the shaping of marketing approach.
• Meeting a cross-section of the region’s top qualified buyers.
• Benchmarking against the world’s key textile printing technology and fabrics makers.
• Discovering how competitors are changing their traditional approach to ensure that their offerings exceed expectations.
• Connecting with like-minded progressive strategic partners.
• Building relationships with current and prospective clients, partners and suppliers.
• Taking away new ideas, insights and knowledge out of the comprehensive content.
• Finding out about the most exciting start-ups and technologies that could be pre-arranged for new markets.
• Educating customers with publications and audio-visual materials.