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EGY STITCH & TEX … New Technologies & Beyond

The textile markets worldwide have been evolving speedily in the last decade, and digital printing has been gaining a strong foothold in this sizable field. The market for the digital printing of textiles is emerging enormously; with new technologies to provide every day.

EGY STITCH & TEX, the most domineering international to continental business to business setting serving Egypt’s ever-growing textile printing and fabrics industries; the event not only provides brand-new high-tech solutions for qualified buyers, but also provides outstanding opportunities for exhibitors to access Egypt’s and Africa’s flourishing affluent markets at a single event.

EGY STITCH & TEX is a notable trade happening paving the way for textile printing and fabrics manufacturers, suppliers, and buyers to capitalize on growing opportunities in one of the world’s most appealing business markets.

EGY STITCH & TEX is more than a trade fair, it is an exclusive venue where textile and apparel regional manufacturers meet worldwide textile printing machinery and fabrics leading innovators and brightest minds to source technologies, link with industry players and benchmark their modernization strategies and get-to-grips with evolving trends and know-how.

The prominent must-attend EGY STITCH & TEX presents contemporary quality content; covering the all-inclusive range of textile printing machinery and fabrics sectors; EGY STITCH & TEX is where evolution comes to pass.

With avant-garde features, absolutely intended to award buyers and exhibitors the extra edge; EGY STITCH & TEX is well-planned to speed up an effective collaboration among regional and international fraternities of the textile and apparel industry revealing new boundaries on revolutionary technologies and innovations in the world of textile printing and fabrics.

EGY STITCH & TEX with a well-demonstrated distinctive international and regional business inspiration marks the perfect all-year-round path to marketing and face-to-face selling and sourcing opportunities bringing together record-breaking figures comprising thousands of the regional and local most powerful professional buyers to reconnoiter the key technologies and latest industrial tendencies showcased by the exhibitors. 

Signifying the most impeccable trading spot for international textile printing and fabrics technology makers; EGY STITCH & TEX provides far-reaching competition scope, sustained business opportunities, broad media coverage and cross-industry technology transfer.